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Quality Assurance

Home textile products like bedding, towels and pillows are are very commonplace. But manufacturing issues in the textile industry which can be harmful, such as the usage of hazardous chemicals during production, can also be common. You can protect your customers and your business by conducting product inspection of any home textile goods you import.

When developing textile inspection protocols and quality control standards, it's important to ensure you're complying with the standards required by the country in which you'll be distributing your product. Let's go through some common international standards that textile manufacturers use around the world.

Quality Policy

* Constantly strive to improve our internationally recognized quality assurance system.

* Periodically review and accordingly upgrade our technology, systems, procedures and machinery to meet the ever changing demands of quality and cost.

* Ensure the reliability, durability and quality of each and every product that is produced by Kamal Group for each and every client.

* Strictly monitor, review and evaluate the performance of our supply chain.

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